2015 Efttex Best New Boxes/Luggage Runner Up - BFT Pred8or Bag

BFT Pred8or Bag Waterproof is made for the serious predator angler! It is a waterproof bag made out of rugged PVC-coated nylon fabric. The lid is flat which makes it a great surface for rigging baits and tying leaders etc. On the outside there are two small plus one large "mesh" pocket for storing leader material, pliers etc. You can easily fit a BFT Crankbait box inside the large mesh pocket, perfect for storing terminal tackle and hooks. Inside the bag you find 4pcs of BFT Jerkbait boxes that can either be stored lying down or standing up. A PVC divider separates the boxes from a section where you can keep a camera and other equipment or even place two more Jerkbait boxes! Everything stays dry in BFT Pred8or Bag - Waterproof!

Outside dimensions: 38x65x30 cm.

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